Travel Insurance Ontario – Family travel


travel insurance ontarioThe family holiday has evolved during the last decade. Given all the choices and deals available today– all-inclusive vacations, international cruises, theme parks and more–it’s a good time to treat the family. After all, a family that plays together stays together!

But before you escape the demands of work, school, the endless to do list and the kids’ activities, it pays to think beyond the fun and togetherness. Planning and purchasing a great family vacation should also include a travel insurance plan as a safeguard during unexpected illness or accidents. Let’s face it, active kids, a new environment and lots of adventure call for protection from costly medical and travel expenses.

Family travel insurance coverage is for families travelling together, usually consisting of two adults and up to four children (18 and under). Most provincial health plans don’t provide the full coverage families need, especially while travelling outside your province, the country or overseas. So purchasing supplemental health insurance to top it up is wise. Here are some other tips to consider:

  • Review your provincial health plan, credit card or employee benefits for details of your current coverage.
  • Choose from single trip (one or two trips within a year) or multi-trip annual (3 or more trips within a year, economical option) travel insurance coverage.
  • Purchase a customized policy with coverage for: emergency medical expenses; trip cancellation/interruption; 24/7 travel assistance services; lost or damaged baggage & more.
  • Ensure each family member is covered, for a number of unexpected events, and for the duration of the trip.
  • Read the fine print for restrictions (age, members live at the same address, single parent family, etc.).
  • Find out the benefits of purchasing annual insurance (ie. allowance for adults to travel separately within the year, FREE coverage for children under 18, etc.).
  • Sudden injury or illness could leave minor children without an attendant. An Escort for Minor feature entitles unattended children to return home with an escort if needed. [see policy details].

Life is an adventure, especially on vacation where families create treasured memories, experience new cultures, meet new people and try new activities. Enjoying those activities safely and with the proper family travel insurance plan makes the journey more memorable and the bonding time together more fun.