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snowbirds travel insuranceYoung at heart. Youthful in spirit. And bursting with energy and excitement for travel adventure. When the winter wrath arrives, seniors take flight to enjoy some travel time in warmer temperatures. After all, the golden years are meant for commitment-free enjoyment!
But an unexpected illness or injury abroad for a senior traveller can have far more complications than for a young, healthy vacationer. Medical expenses especially in the sunny south, or an exotic locale overseas, could mean costly expenses. So it makes sense for snowbirds to take extra precautions and to purchase travel insurance designed with complete coverage and preparation for any crisis. Consider these Canadian snowbird travel tips:
• Purchase travel insurance with comprehensive coverage that includes clauses for pre-existing illnesses (ie. Diabetes, heart disease and more) and if travelling with family, free emergency medical coverage for 2 dependent children or grandchildren under 12.
• Conduct pre-trip dental and medical check-ups. Be sure to find out if specific medication refills in Canada are available or not permitted in other countries.
• Understand the terms of any travel insurance policy. Do not rely on provincial or territorial health care plans to cover costs when sick or injured abroad. If there is a certain duration and health care eligibility when travelling outside the home province, apply for supplementary coverage and get the travel protection needed.
• Research the closest Canadian government office in your travel destination. There are more than 260 offices in 150 countries worldwide that can help with matters including: a lost or stolen passport; a list of local doctors or hospitals in the area; and availability of medications. Visit Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada for a list of offices.snowbirds Travel Insurance
• The Canadian Government recommends purchasing a travel insurance policy offering a 1-800 call feature with 24/7 access to worldwide emergency assistance.
• Check if the travel insurance provider pays unexpected bills up front in order to get immediate care in an emergency situation. Otherwise, reimbursement of medical or travel-related costs can take some time, slowing down the process of necessary care.
• Enquire about add-ons to the policy (ie. Coverage for pre-paid green fees if you or your golf partner can’t play due to a medical emergency or a free concierge service.).