Single trip insurance

With the Holidays fast-approaching, and a busy or stressful year comes to a close, you might be thinking about a short getaway. But with a household budget stretched to the limit, booking a cost-efficient vacation is a priority. And so is travel insurance for that trip. Despite the added expense, insurance coverage provides peace-of-mind and travel protection, during emergencies and unexpected events, when you need it most.

single trip insurance

Whether you’ll be trekking out-of-province or out of the country, the cost of medical services elsewhere can be overwhelming. So it makes sense to be protected. Purchasing single trip insurance is best for travellers who make three or less trips a year. It’s cheaper, quicker and easier to buy than annual or multi-trip travel insurance (which usually covers travel anywhere in the world). Short-trip travel insurance tends to provide coverage for a specific destination, and depending on the policy, coverage can be valid for trips up to 31 days duration. Some policies provide protection for up to 212 days if you live in Ontario or Newfoundland.

Short-trip insurance protection is ideal for travellers (typically up to age 74) who take quick trips to visit family or friends for long weekends and holidays, attend a child’s sports tournaments across the border, attend a wedding, cross-border shop or even to mix business with pleasure. Here’s what to look for in a short-trip travel insurance plan:

• Unlimited coverage for eligible emergency medical expenses not covered by a government health insurance plan.
• Family plan pricing: Travelling with your spouse or partner and children
• All-Inclusive coverage: trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss/damage/delay & flight or travel accident
• A 24-hour emergency toll-free number to call for referrals to a local doctor or facility
• A “bounce back” feature to cover the cost of a return ticket home in case of an emergency.
• Benefits for travellers over 65 (considered high-risk) who may find it difficult to get full travel insurance at an affordable price.
• A detailed explanation of the limits placed on each type of potential claim.
• Features you need in a policy (ie. coverage for skiing or for extreme sports)

TIPS: Sometimes independent providers offer a more affordable rate than a travel agent. Purchase only the coverage you need and remove any extras you won’t need.